Techy Tuesday – NBC Learn

NBC Learn –

Indiana Department of Education is now making NBC LEARN K-12 a part of its digital offerings! Now all middle and high schools will be able to access thousands of high-quality archival, original, and currents events videos from NBC LEARN K-12 for use in classroom instruction, student projects, and homework.

There are over 12,000 resources for you to use including:
• NBC Current Events collection and historic videos
• News broadcasts and interviews
• Hundreds of primary source documents
• Images, charts, graphics, cartoons, and more

All of the resources are:
• K-12 safe and appropriate
• Mapped to curriculum
• Correlated to the Indiana and Common Core Standards

JFK congress Egypt flag waving Primary Sources Brian Williams Science of NHL Hockey screenshot

The NBC LEARN K-12 resources will be available on-campus and at-home by clicking on the “Click Here To Access NBC Learn K-12” link at Once arriving at NBC Learn K-12, choose Register Now at the top right hand corner of the screen. Enter an email address and password for login credentials, and then complete the rest of the information as required. Upon return visits to NBC Learn K-12, staff and students can simply Sign In with the email and the password you created. Access is available for all middle and high school teachers, students, and parents – so watch and download as many videos as you like! Please contact Jason Bailey at for any access or training questions.