Facebook Privacy


Thank you to Mark Perry for your helpful information on Facebook.

Facebook Security and Profile Control

In our current society Social Media has become one of the primary tools people use for communication and interaction.  Business use them as part of background checks.  Parents use them to check out if other parents are safe for their kids to be around.  Student’s use it communicate and go as far as bully each other.

Because of this it become more and more important for us to learn and maintain control over our Social Media pages, not only on what we post but on who can see what.  Particularly if you are “friending” students and parents on your site.


To begin you will need to learn how to group or “friends list” the people connected to your account.  By doing so you will have the ability dictate which group of people can see what things on your page and posts.

To add a person into a group go to their profile.  On the top right you will see a box with a check mark and the words Friends (for example see below) click this box and you will get a drop down list of options.  From this list you will get a couple options of what to do with this friend.  The second section the groups you can add this friend to.  If you do not see the group you want to add them to then select Add to another list… This will expand the list or give you the option to add a new list.  Select the list you want this friend in and you are done.

Facebook Grouping

Changing Security Settings

Next is changing the universal security settings for all viewers of your profile.  To do this you will want to be on your Home page. On the top right of the screen next to the home button there is a button that looks like a lock with lines next to it. Facebook Security buttonWhen you click this option you will get a drop down list of options.  This allows you to set default settings for all posts (don’t worry you can adjust who sees what when making a post this is just the default so you don’t have to think about it every time.)

Facebook Privacy

To change the default settings for post select the box under who can see my future posts.  From here you can select the custom option which will open up a new pop up window.

Custom Privacy

From this window you can dictate individual people OR the lists of people you have created to see your future posts.

More Security Settings

Facebook Security button

If you go to the bottom of the Security Settings shortcut you will see an option for See More Settings.  From this screen you can change for settings on how you can be found.  Who can friend you and even who can see your old posts.

Facebook Privacy shortcuts


Changing Security Settings for individual posts

On occasion you may want to make a posts that only certain people can see of you really want everyone to see it.  After you type your post, or share something.  On the bottom of the box next to Post there is another box.

Usually this says friends but if you changed your settings above it will now say Custom.  If you click it a drop down list will appear and you can select who sees the post you are creating.

Facebook Custom


As with many programs you will need to play around and try different things to get the settings to exactly where you want them and our comfortable with.  Hopefully this will give you a solid platform to begin on.

Thank You,

Mark Perry