My name is Regina Goodman, Instructional Software and Data Educator for Goshen Community Schools.  This site is an Educational Technology Website for the teachers and staff of the corporation.  It is filled with resources, training, information, and more for the technology in our corporation and beyond.

I have been a teacher in GCS for 31 years.  I have been in this role for 8 of those years.  My job is to train and support staff in the implementation and use of software and data which supports the curriculum.  I have a bachelors in elementary education with a reading endorsement from Indiana University at South Bend, and a masters in elementary education from Ball State University.  I have taught grades 2nd, 4th, and 6th during my tenure.  I have a strong love of technology and how it enhances instruction and student engagement.

My technology journey started in about 1990 when one of my students signed the class up to win an Apple IIe from a local bank.  We won!!!!  Now what to do with it?????  I found some MECC games that engaged the students and I incorporated it into my center rotations.  Speedway Math was the favorite.  I was excited when I could type my exit project for my masters degree on a computer instead of a typewriter!!!!  Soon after, more Apple computers were put into classrooms and I became the Building Level Technology Leader (BLTL).  We went to conferences to learn more about technology integration.  Soon after, Apple updated their technology with the Power PC.  I wrote a grant and received 4 Power Macintosh 5200s, software to go along with my 4th grade brain-based learning classroom, a scanner, and a printer.  My students were composing songs, writing books, creating artwork, etc to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum.  Oh what fun we had.  I left the classroom in 1997 to become a Curriculum Integration Partner (CIP).  My job was to help other teachers integrate their new computers into their curriculum.  That position lasted 2 years which put me back into the classroom where I taught 6th grade.  During my 10 years at GMS I was active in the technology team, Dell computer training and roll-out, summer training, website development, and my favorite…..webquests.  Technology has changed over the years, but as you can see I have worked to keep up with all that is going on in our world.

I hope that this site helps you in your own technology journey.  Visit often as I will be adding more and more to my site.  My contact links are above.  Contact me if you need assistance, want to share a classroom lesson using technology, think I should add something, etc.  I am always happy to hear from staff.